Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Episode I


Theft. It always starts with a wrongdoing, an injustice. This time, it was theft.

Seeking to aid a doctor, I uncovered his vile subterfuge, for he was but masquerading as a physician. Lord Tarnis was a Sith Lord, infiltrating the Republic and stealing our weapon technologies! A powerful adversary, acting in concert with evil Imperial allies and his dread Sith Master, I sought goodly folk to aid me in the venture to thwart his twisted machinations . . . for he sought naught less than the destruction of Coruscant!

I first chaned 'pon the serene Jedi Sage, Aluco. Possessing a quiet strength, with great powers of healing and great strength in the Force, Aluco aided the venture through destruction of rogue droids, battling the misguided Imperial forces and protecting the four of us with powers of wondrous restoration and healing.

The bold Lieutenant Bulman assertively defended the Republic 'gainst this peril, laying down covering fire with his massive heavy autocannon, thwarting the droids and forces arrayed against us, resolutely battling the droids, troopers and Sith, despite the endless blaster fire directed towards him. Standing in harms way, opposing those who would bring tyranny and destruction to this world, Lieutenant Bulman heroically defended both us and the people of Coruscant.

Lastly, the agile Gunslinger Teerilla lent her blasters to our cause, aiding the venture with confidant confrontation and decisive battle. She was direct in negotiations and discussion, often having a flexibility of approach and attitude that was very different from my experiences as a Jedi Knight. Still, her results spoke for themselves, with endless incontestible successful victories.

We ventured through the many colourful districts of Coruscant, ultimately venturing past the subversive Justicars and deep through the machinery within the Works, to the ruined Jedi temple. Cautiously creeping through ruins over run by dread Imperial forces, when frustratingly a Jedi Knight should be striding through these ancient halls, we tracked down Lord Tarnis and issued challenge. Regrettably the Sith Lord declined to turn from his path of darkness, instead embracing anger and rage to then launch himself 'pon me, consumed with frightful wrath. An arduous battle, but victory was ours, through our concerted and coordinated tactics. How could a Sith Lord have hoped to overcome a determined Jedi Guardian, Republic Commando, a Gunslinger and Jedi Sage? The day was ours, but ill tidings befell us.

Lord Tarnis' father, and master, Darth Angral, bore witness to the battle and promised to exact hideous revenge upon us. Worse, Darth Angral had further plans to use our Republic ordnance against us, with "The Desolator" being mounted to a ship and soon to be deployed.

Having uncovered the Sith plot on Coruscant and opposed Lord Tarnis and the "Planet Prison," we ventured with haste to Taris to learn what we can of "The Desolator" and the new threat to the Republic's people . . .

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